To accompany our wines we offer our menu of salads, tapas and table spreads, cheeses and sausages made with the finest products..


  • Warm goat’s cheese salad with cured ham and anchovies, topped with a honey and pink pepper dressin4.75
  • Fresh green asparagus salad with shavings of parmesan cheese, cured ham, served with a pine nuts and balsamic vinegar dressing5.25
  • Three colour salad with duck comfit, fruit of the forest and dried fruits with a soy sauce dressing5.60
  • ´Escalivada´ (typical Catalan salad of roast peppers and aubergines) with tomato sorbet and anchovies5.75
  • Duck ´rillete´ salad with apple chutney5.25
  • Cod carpaccio with sauce herbs7.00
  • Tuna carpaccio with lumpo6.25
  • Beef carpaccio with parmesan shavings6.25
  • Tuna with tomate raff9.00
  • Fresh green asparagus grilled with a sunflower seed ´romesco´ (Typical Catalan mildly spiced sauce)5.20
  • Grilled provolone cheese with fruits of the forest and tapenade4.95
  • Oven baked baby prawns with laminated garlic7.25
  • Burgos ´morcilla´ (rice black pudding)3.95
  • ´Piquillo´ peppers stuffed with tuna fish4.75
  • ´Piquillo´ peppers stuffed with seafood4.50
  • ´Piquillo´ peppers stuffed with a cod brandade4.95
  • Anchovies Cantibrian6.00
  • Ham Iberian croquettes1.10


  • Timbal of baby beans on a bed of Jabugo cured ham and a crust of black pudding with sesame oil5.75
  • Timbal of octopus comfit to with potato ´Zancochada´9.15
  • Pan of ´gulas´ (baby eels) with mushroom7.25
  • Artichoke hearts salad with truffle and parmesan cheese with a sweet pepper oil and pine nuts6.50
  • Oven baked crustacean with ´allioli´ and salt of grass4.75
  • Pear ´taten´ with melted goat’s cheese and homemade ´sobrasada´ (spicy spread sausage) from the Balearic Islands8.75
  • Baked tuna steak with soy sauce and poached onions6.75
  • Gratinated ´Vieira´ with bread parsillé and a reduction of Modena Balsamic vinegar9.00
  • Veal fillet with a foie sauce and a reduction of Modena balsamic vinegar 13.20
  • Duck comfit with sauce and laminated strawberries10.50


  • Brandy foie shavings5.25
  • Mixed Italian lettuces with shavings of ´foie´ and ´ou reig´ with a reduction of Pedro Ximenez6.25
  • ´Foie´ and cured ham terrine with an apple compote sorbet 12.65€ 12.65
  • Grilled ´Foie micuit´ with a 2 onions jam an prunes8.25
  • Duck pâté with port2.75
  • Duck pâté with mushrooms3.00
  • Duck pâté with pear compote3.25
  • Assortment of pâtés with toasted bread9.00


  • Assortment of Catalan cured meats from ´Can Cruells´ (white and black sausage,black and white ´bull´,Catalan sausage and ´secallona´)7.25
  • Assortment of Spanish cured hams & meats17.00
  • Freshly cut shavings of cured ´bellota´ ham16.50
  • Kindlings of cured Iberian ham10.00
  • Iberian ´Morcón´ (Spanish cured sausage)5.85
  • Iberian ´Lomo´ (Spanish cured sausage)8.25
  • Iberian ´Chorizo´ (Spanish cured spicy sausage)5.50
  • Iberian ´Salchichón´ (Spanish cured country sausage)5.50
  • Cecina León (Spanish cured country sausage)4.25


  • Manchego semi D.O.3.25
  • Manchego dry D.O.4.50
  • Tronchón D.O.3.75
  • Zamorano D.O.4.25
  • Assortment of 3 cheeses to choose7.50
  • Assortment of 5 cheeses to choose12.50
  • Assortment of French chesses 16.90
  • ½ portion of French cheeses8.45
  • Toast bread supplement0.90
  • Bread with tomato 1.20
  • Bread with olive oil 1.10

Menú degustación Especial


APPETIZER: * Iberiam Ham with "pan tomatoes" (Catalán bread lightly toasted with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and salt) * Brandy folie shavings * Cod brandada croquettes *


* Catalán "cannelloni" stuffed with lobster au gratin


* Veal fillet with pepper sauce and truffled potato


NEW YEAR CAKE Coffee and teas Grapes of luck

WINE CELLAR: Noster Inicial 2013 (Priorat) A glass of cava (sparkling wine)


55 €

(IVA Incluido)